We hope you will contribute to make our site a convivial and welcoming place. We have created this General section to inform you of the criteria we use to judge contents uploaded onto our site. We strongly recommend you read them.

As a general rule

We reserve the right to delete or block the following contents :

Any aggressive contents or contents inciting to hatred, threatening or vulgar.

Any profile with a discriminatory behaviour towards another person or group, based on the ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation...

Any profile creating confusion on the identity of the person (fake profile or profile giving fake information).

Pornographic content or in poor taste

Any pornographic content identified by VIPocean will be immediately and without warning banned from our site. More specifically, we reserve the right to delete or block the following images :

Images of sexual or erotic nature.

Images depicting physical abuse of any nature.

Copyright and protected data

Content protected by copyright is a content protected by the authors rights. This means the author of the content possesses a set of exclusive rights over his creation. You cannot therefore utilise this content if it does not belong to you. Consequently, the following contents will be deleted or blocked by VIPocean:

Any content displaying a visible copyright sign (©, ® or ™).

Any image displaying a person other than you, and from whom you did not obtain permission to use the image.

Any content becomes the exclusive property of VIPocean.


The massive distribution of one and the same content is strictly forbidden on our site. Thus, profiles depicting the following behaviour will be deleted without warning :

Sending undesired emails, chains or adverts not solicited (spam).

Commercial activity and/or sales without our permission; e.g. products and websites advertisements.

Illegal activities

In general, all illegal activities are formally prohibited on our site. The following contents will be immediately deleted without warning :

Images depicting drugs, cash and weapons.

Viruses or other computer codes with the aim to harm IT equipment belonging to the site or to members.

Any content encouraging illegal activities or providing knowledge of illegal activities; for example, how to build or buy weapons.

Distribution and/or publication of private information

You are under no circumstances allowed to distribute sensitive information such as postal addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers within the confines of public exchanges on our site (this is however possible within the confines of private exchanges). To ensure any sensitive information is not distributed publicly on our site, members email addresses are scanned by a security filter. When a sensitive piece of information is identified, the message is blocked and an email is sent to warn you.

If you are contacted by one of the members on the site providing you with sensitive information or asking you for sensitive information, please signal the profile to the customer service.


If one of the members of the VIPocean team asks you to make some modifications to your profile, you will have to make these modifications within a reasonable delay. If you choose not to follow our request, you risk having your profile deleted, blocked or reported to the relevant competent authorities without warning.

For more information, we advise you to read our terms and conditions.